Jen (lilmoe) wrote in cynical_nurse,

I think I am exhibiting "exit seeking" behaviors.

So work is horrible lately, and not in that, "its flu season so we are in perpetual gridlock and everyone is bickering over having to work the holidays but it will get better soon," kind of way but in that, "this place has gone to shit due to a series of terrible decisions by upper management and there is no light at the end of the tunnel," kind of way.

They decided our floor will be taking all the vent weaning candidates in our region. These patients tend to be an extremely heavy workload. They have trachs, continuous tube feeds, often a variety of ulcers from being bedridden for so long, limited mobility, and a whole slew of psychosocial issues. They usually are on our floor for months before being discharged, if we cannot successfully wean them, which is going to be the case for a certain percentage, they will be on our floor for up to a year awaiting placement in a complex care facility.

Somehow, the powers that be decided we would take these patients on with no additional nursing staff, and a REDUCTION in patient care techs (to the tune of half of what we had before). So far it has been going splendidly, we constantly have nurses on leave for back injuries, long timers are jumping ship either transferring to other units or getting new jobs, they are paying out a shit ton of overtime because no one is getting breaks anymore, and the place constantly is so effing filthy (trash on the floors, dirty linens in piles in the hall) I am embarrassed to work there.

Soo, my plan is to get the heck out before this place crashes and burns. A lot of our core staff who can easily transfer to greener pastures have done just that. I am thinking grad school. Masters of nursing/NP can be mine in 2 years if I go at it full time. Problem now is which program do I want, should I just get the masters without the NP component? If I do decide to go for the NP do I want to go with Acute Care or Primary Health Care? Or if I don't get in I will look for another job, just not at all sure where. There are a few jobs for nurse educators that I may have a chance at which would then help me pay for my masters which ya know, is nice. So many decisions, the only thing I am sure of is I cannot stay long term on this floor anymore, not working under these circumstances. Anyone got any commiseration, suggestions, advice?
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