thatsassylassie (thatsassylassie) wrote in cynical_nurse,

areas that need nurses?

Hi all,

I'm a new grad with a BSN living in Portland OR.  Unfortunately in my city, there are 8 schools that graduate new nurses, 4 of which convey BSNs.  There are of course several hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabs, jails, etc. But the applicant pool is pretty big at the moment.   Although I'm only one month into the job search, and not being picky about positions,  I have only had one phone interview that went no where.  I graduated Magna cum Laude, have 4 years acute care experience as a CNA and have done several community health and other types of volunteer work.  I think that I may be looking to relocate.  

I'm just curious if you live in an area that seems to need nurses?  Or if you know of a city/region that is less saturated than the Pac. NW?  Any advice or online resources you can direct me to would be hugely appreciated.

(x-posted to nurse students.)
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