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Patient Care... Even if Only the Resident Sees It

Dear LTC Middle Management,

As much as our wonderful corporate bean-counters would make any right-thinking nurse sick, basic infection control and patient care should still take place even if the big bosses aren't inspecting the facility at the moment. I know, crazy, right? What, you think the owner of the for-profit LTC making six figures a year is made of money?

If a dressing is on a Stage IV is ordered to be changed every day, it should be changed every day. Even if the patient doesn't get visitors and has aphasia and cognitive impairments, preventing her from complaining to the bosses. I shouldn't come in for my shift and see a filthy, wet dressing barely holding on, not even fully covering the wound and dated three days ago and the patient grimacing in pain. No, not even if the treatment nurse is friends with the DON. Not even if he's friends with the Pope. Not even if the treatment nurse kissed every butt that ever sat in a manager's chair (which he has).

No love (and hoping this other place calls me back for an interview soon),

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