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Weekend gripes

Dear Patient ,
Yes, you have to get your arse off the couch and come and sit where I can (a) see the wound and (b) work without getting onto your filthy floor, or have your obnoxious dog crawl all over me. I know it's not what the other nurses do, that's their problem. Not sorry that you missed a whole 10 minutes of an old movie on TV. Don't expect me to want to come back again.

no love

your nurse

Dear fellow nurses,
Please consider, not booking patients who don't need daily visits on the weekend. I was asked to do other visits, but had to turn them down, as I had 10 visits and a lot of driving to do. It would also help if supplies were (a) available in the home or (b) organised so that I didn't have to dig through several bags and boxes to find the right stuff. It would also help tremendously if you could document wound size at least once in the last month, so I can do my job correctly. Reading, not measured for weeks at a time isn't helpful when I need to assess if the wound is healing. I know I'm covering for your day off, but I like to provide at least adequate care.

no love
your colleague

Dear Supervisors,
Get it in your head. I am not killing myself driving all over a huge area to do extra visits, when I am already overloaded with visits. Hire some more nurses. Can't find them? Well maybe it's time you raised our wages.

no love

an almost dead nurse who you need to work tomorrow
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Jesus. 10 visits in a day?

(I left home health a month ago. My husband always said that the most flexible part of HH seemed to be me.)

Also, damn. My agency did wound photos and measurements weekly, and I would do additional wound care charting in the middle of the week if there was a significant change in status.
sighs, we have blackberry smart phones for work, but just do useless clinical stuff on it- camera is disabled. Would be one of the more appropriate uses of technology.
I usually do 8 visits. Then there is the driving issue, rural and long country roads.

I do love the flexibility it offers. But weekend covering other nurses can make it too stressful.