thatsassylassie (thatsassylassie) wrote in cynical_nurse,

Thoughts and opinions welcome

Dear cynical nurses:

I am in the final year of my BSN program.  This term is Leadership/Management outcomes and of course I have a big APA paper to write.

We are to address a healthcare topic with policy, practice and economic implications.  It is to be analyzed from a nursing leadership/management perspective.   I am thinking of talking about the practice that many hospitals seem to be adopting of mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers, particularly flu shots.  Its seems timely, especially in October.  

I come to you to ask if you have any other ideas for topics, as we all seem to have opinions that make us cynical about the healthcare industry.  I would love to hear ideas and/or any resources you might have (URLS you can point me to) if applicable.  

**Please note, I am in no way asking for help with the work, simply your ideas on pressing topics in healthcare that management can or should be addressing. Thank you in advance!
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