Amanda (amanda_jh66) wrote in cynical_nurse,

Ego is not a dirty word

I am having many work related issues right now, and i need to vent

Dear Intensivist,
I understand beds are tight, that clearing patients is a bitch BUUUUTTT, I work in the PACU, telling me to BiPap a patient for quite possibly the rest of my shift and or life is not going to work for me. Also saying the nurses are really busy and maybe a bed on the medical ward is better is just plain stupid, it is called INTENSIVE care and HIGH DEPENDANCY for a reason
Dear Orthopedic Reg,
I know you are an Orthopod (Orthogod) but c'mon, you do an operation, you do the op report, you chart meds and orders, it has never been any different, why do you need me to run around after you asking you to do your job?Does it make you feel important? Maybe some mother issues?
Dear Anaesthetist,
Telling me as you stand infront of me that it is your turn to talk ie.flirt with the pretty Cardiologist, cutting my conversation off with her, is not ok! Why is your conversation more important, is it that you are older than me? a doctor? an asshole? I just hope sir, that someone doesn't treat women in your family as badly as you do the women at work.

End of rant
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